SCM Metrics System Design Baseline (BL) Ref. Docs.

SCM Metrics System Design Baseline (BL) Ref. Docs. Change Auth: CI Element(s) Name & Content: Work Products & Mech./Location System Requirements Analysis System Requirements IDE Folder 34158 Software Architecture Definition SW Req. Analyses and Use-Case & Scenario Def. Initial SW Architecture SW Requirements IDE Folder 17486 IDE Folder 6458 & 8056 Lead Sys Requirements Mgr. Mgr. Sys. Eng. SW Architect Lead Sys. SW Requirements Mgr. Sys. Eng. Software Release Manager Sys. Requirements 1. Rose Sys Level Req.* Use Case Model Activity diagram Test Files 2. Rose Sys Level Analysis Model Anal. Class Hierarchy Interaction diagram 3. Peer Review Info. Use Case Review Analysis Model Rev. 4. Specified Classes - RTM Sys Level Use Case** Seg. Scenario (SSC)** Seg. Beh. (SBE)** 5. Walkthrough Info. Sys. Architecture (Exit Criteria is Closure of the Sys. Arch. WT) Initial SW Arch. 1. Rose Objective Architecture Model 2. CSAD

SW Requirements 1. Specified Classes - RTM Build (BLD) Scenario (SCE) SW Requir. (SWREQ) Use Case (USE) CSCI (CSC) Interfaces (CIF) Messages (CIM) Data Elements (CID) Bld Imp. Scope (BIS)*** 2. Sequencing Logic 3. BRD or SW Reqts Spec. 4. Peer Review Info. Use Case Review Use Case Scen. Review Draft SRS TIM Prelim. SRS TIM 5. Walkthrough Info. Final SRS (Exit Criteria is Closure of the Final SRS Walkthrough) Apex + Rose Model Files Apex + Rose Model Files SCM Metrics CSCI Prel. Design Rqts. & Prelim. Design for Release X Detailed Design Release X Code & Unit Test Release X Detailed Design Code & Unit Test CSCI Integration & Test Preliminary Design/Build Plan IDE Folder 12056 & 14053 Software Release Manager Rose Model: SW Architect SSI BP: Seg SW TL & PIAT&C TL Build Plans 1. SSI Build Plan 2. CSCI Build Plan 3. Walkthrough Info. CSCI-Release BP Recon. Seg SW-Rel. BP Recon. CSCI Preliminary Design 1. Algorithm Description Documents 2. Ada Specifications 3. ATOT 4. Concept of Execution 5. Walkthrough Information Seg. Scen. Children CSCI Scen. Diagram

Prelim. Design Desc. Det. Des. Readiness (Exit Criteria is Closure of the Detailed Design Readiness WT) Apex + Ada Specifications + Rose Model Snapshot + ATOT CSCI Integration Verification, Qualification Test Release X CSCI Implementation SS Integration & Test PIAT&C Integration & Test PA&T Integration & Test SS I&T PIAT&C PA&T PIAT&C TL PAT&C TL IDE Folder 18959 IDE Folder 18959 IDE Folder 18959 IDE Folder 23247 Software Release Mgr. Software Release Manager I&T Manager I&T Manager CSCI Software 1. Ada Package Bodies 2. Ada Specifications 3. C++ Headers 4. C++ Code 5. Walkthrough Info. Det. Des. Artifact (Exit Criteria is Closure of the Detailed Design Artifact Walkthrough) CSCI Software 1. Source Code (Units) 2. Unit Test Plan 3. Unit Test Results 4. BOM (Unit Test) 5. Unit Code & Test Peer Rev. 6. Walkthrough Info. Unit Test Results

(Exit Criteria is Closure of the Unit Test Results WT) Unit Test Artifacts (Harness) Examples; Units Under Test Test Drivers Configuration Files Coverage Analysis Test Lists Test Cases Summary Reports Apex - Ada Package Bodies - Ada Specifications - C++ Code - C++ Headers Apex - Unit Test Artifacts (Harness) - Source Code - BOM (Unit Test) CSCI Software 1. CSCI I&T Plan or SITP 2. CSCI I&T Descrip. or SITD 3. BOM(CSCI Integration) 4. Software Test Report 5. Anomaly List 6. Release Notes 7. Walkthrough Info. (Final) Unit to CSCI Integ./Test CSCI/Segment Reconcil. CSCI Test Results (Exit Criteria is Closure of the CSCI Test Results Walkthrough) CSCI Test Artifacts (Harness) Examples; RTC Software RTC Scripts BIN Configuration Segment Software 1. CSCI Software 2. Segment SW I&T Plan 3. Source Code (Segment) 4. BOM (Segment) 5. Seg. SW Test Desc. 6. Seg. SW Test Report 7. Release Notes 8. Test Artifacts Data 9. Test Harness 10. Change Sets 11. Walkthrough Info. Seg. SW & Seg/Sys SW/HW ITP Recon. Seg. SW Test Results (Exit Criteria is Closure of The Segment Software Test Results Walkthrough) System Configuration 1. Segment Configuration 2. Segment Software 3. Seg/Sys SW/HW I&T Plan 4. Seg/Sys SW Test Desc. 5. System Test Report 6. Release Notes 7. Test Artifacts Data 8. Test Harness 9. Walkthrough Info. Seg/Sys SW/HW Test Results (Exit Criteria is Closure of

the Seg/Sys SW/HW Test Results Walkthrough) System Release 1. Sys. Config. 2. Seg. Config. 3. STP 4. STD 5. STR 6. Release Notes 7. Test Harness Apex Apex Apex Apex - Source Code - Test Harness - Test Harness - Test Harness - CSCI Test Artifacts (Harness) - Source Code (Segment) - BOM (CSCI Integration) - BOM (Segment Final) - RTC Software - Anomaly List - RTC Scripts IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE IDE + Action Items + CSAD - Bld Req. Document - Algorithm Description Doc. + Det. Design Artifacts - Unit Test Plan - CSCI I&T Plan or SITP - Seg. Configuration - System Configuration - Sys. Config. + Peer Review Info. - SW Reqts Specification + Concept of Execution + Walkthrough Info. - Unit Test Results - CSCI I&T Description or SITD - Seg. SW I&T Plan - Seg/Sys SW/HW I&T Plan - STP + Walkthrough Info. - Sequencing Logic - SSI Build Plan + Peer Review Information - Software Test Report - Seg. SW Test Desc. - Seg/Sys SW Verif. Test Desc. - STD + Peer Review Info. - CSCI Build Plan + Walkthrough Information - BOM (CSCI Integration) - Segment SW Test Report - System Test Report - STR + Walkthrough Info. - Crew Interface Spec (CUI Only) + Release Notes

- BOM (Segment Final) + Walkthrough Info. - CSAD + Walkthrough Information Rational TestMate - BIN Configuration + Walkthrough Info. RTM RTM + Ada Unit Test + Walkthrough Information - Specified Classes - Specified Classes SEGUE RTM +Non-Ada Tests - Software Test Case INSURE ++ - Software Test Results +Non-Ada Tests + Software Test Class - Build Imp. Scope (BIS)*** BL = Baseline, CI = Configuration Item, CSAD = Crusader Software Architecture Document, I&T = Integration & Test, CSCI = Computer Software Configuration Item, TL = Team Lead, WT = Walkthrough, RTM = Requirements and Traceability Management, ATOT = Architecture Trade and Optimization Tool, PR = Peer Review, SS = Segment Software, BOM = Bill of Material, SW = Software, PIAT&C = Product Integration Assembly Test & Checkout, PA&T = Product Assurance & Test, STD = System Test Description, STR = System Test Report, STP = System Test Plan NOTE: SW Subsystem may replace CSCI when Appropriate Figure 2 + Indicates Version/Revision Control (Performed by SW Developers & Testers) Baselines, Configuration Item Components, Change Authorities - Indicates Change Control using ICS (Performed by SCM; Released in IDE or Locked in Apex) And Other Configuration Controlled Items Through PDRR *: The Systems Requirements Model Developed in Rose is new for R5. **: The SSC and SBE classes will continue to be maintained through R3. These Classes will be replaced with the Use Case class (UCS) for R5 and beyond ***: The BIS is placed in a CM control environment after CSCI Integration & Test for R3B3 only, thereafter BIS will be CM Controlled after the S/W Requirements Phase. SCM Metrics SCM Metrics SCM Audit Report AAL (R3 B3) Date of Audit: SCM Auditor: CSCI Team Lead: Audit Attendees: Audit Start Time: 10:15 19 January 2001 Gaston A. Ray John Bangs Paul Prentiss Christine Lewis Audit Stop Time: 10:25 This SCM Audit covers the following subsystems; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. IDE; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SRS (13012)

BRD (30007) CSCI Build Plan (21675) Unit Test Results GCSA 34965, all others 34966 Unit Test Plan GCSA 33931, all others 33930 CSCI Test Report 37547 SITP 33241 SITD 34714 BOM 37547 BIN Configuration 37547 Apex; The following subsystems were located and verified in Layer 3; 1. AALC: XLTR: CANL: ARMC: ARMD: Platform (Name of the process(s) on which the software runs) Operating System (The operating system(s) and version(s): Compiler (The language(s) in which the CSCI was written): Total SLOC Count: 2. SunOS 5.6/LynxOS 3.01 RTCOE 2.95 Ada 95, 3.1 5033 Questions: 1. What software tools were used during the development other than the Rational Toolset, IDE and RTM? 3. 5. Actions Taken by SCM: 1. RTM (Kim Gifford) contacted to apply CM lock to all ACL subsystems. 2. IDE. All items (requiring CM control) identified in the CMADS database have been placed under CM control: RTM; Software Test Case and Software Test Results CM Controlled: Yes CSCI Integration BOM Verified: Yes 2. Are the Apex Locations verified? See Actions taken by SCM. CM Controlled: Yes CSCI Integration BOM Verified: Yes

ANSWER: No other tools were used in this CSCI development. CM Controlled: Yes CSCI Integration BOM Verified: Yes 4. CM Controlled: Yes CSCI Integration BOM Verified: Yes CM Controlled: Yes CSCI Integration BOM Verified: Yes NOTE: The following .ss are not part of R3B3 Activity: 1. 2. 3. 4.,,,, Findings/Action Items: No Findings or Actions Items were noted. SCM Metrics Without the Data. You are just an Opinion SCM Metrics 40 120 100 100 34 35 98 100 30 76 80 25 60 20 20 60 38 40 15

15 40 11 10 20 6 5 0 P DC ACU NBC DAP CUI V SP V MGS 2 1 0 VNE T / VP RO AAL ACL AFT AGP CUI RPC VMGS R3B3 Mean (as of 26 Feb 01) 14 Workdays R3B2Mean 65 Workdays 80 Areas of Improvement 70 60 SCM Procedures re-written to clarify process. SCM Process identified and defined. SCM Communications with Engineering Community Increased. 50 40 30 20

10 0 R3B2 R3B3 Red = Yellow = Green = = = R3B5 Unacceptable Marginal Goal Actual Estimate/Goal R3B8 VNET/VPRO SCM Metrics CM Planning & Mgt 1.8 1.6 1.4 1.2 1.0 0.8 CM Audits 0.6 CM Identification 0.4 0.2 CM Status Acct. CM Change Control Green = Actual Blue = Expected CM Performance Measurement Indicators Category Jan 01 Feb 01 CM Planning & Mgt 1.34 1.36 CM Identification .65 .44 CM Change Control .95 .70

CM Status Acct. 1.99 1.65 CM Audits 3.32 1.25 Analysis Rationale 1. 2. 3. CM Planning & Management: In February a significant effort was spent creating and improving CM Process & Procedures (CRU-CM-008, CRU-CM-015, CRU-CM-022, CRU-CM-027, CRU-CM032), creating the Registration & Briefings for the CSCI/CSC re-groupings, and creating the Crusader Configuration Items (CI) Tree. CM Status Accounting: In February provided increased data capabilities in the CMADS and CARDS Databases, and produced & improved product structure for the Software Developmental Library (SDL). CM Audits: In February conducted extensive Audits and Verification of CUI, AGP, and OSS data in CMADS. SCM Metrics Release 3 Build 3 I&T SCCB Number of Issues 160 134 140 120 101 100 80 60 40 33 20 0 Open Closed (Issue Status) Total SCM Metrics Number of Issues Release 3 Build 3 I&T SCCB 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20

15 10 5 0 65 52 28 12 25 18 15 18 13 10 7 3 Priority 1 0 Priority 2 Open Priority 3 Closed Priority 4 Total (Issue Status by Severity) 1 1 Priority 5 SCM Metrics Average Days To Closure 45 40 35 33 30 25 20 15 15 10 5 0 R3 B2 R3 B3 R3 B5

Overall Timeframe for Issues (Open to Closure Status By Release & Build) R3 B8 SCM Metrics Release 3 Build 3 I&T SCCB Average Days To Closure 80 70 65 60 50 40 30 35 34 Priority 2 Priority 3 38 26 20 10 Priority 1 Timeframe for Issues (By Priority Status) Priority 4 Priority 5 R3B5 Baseline Progress Blue: SCM Baseline Completed. Green: Development Activities In-Progress Integ. & Test Software Development (Completion Date: Nov 01) (Planned Completion Date: Sept 01) R3B5 DD CUI CUT CSCI Imp. VMG VMG RPC TSA AFT SAS

CUI AFT AAL RPC AAL CUI AFT Detailed Design Walkthrough Activities 83% Complete Code & Unit Test Walkthrough Activities 58% Complete ACL CSCI Implementation Walkthrough Activities 33%Complete SCM Metrics Number of Occurances Audit Findings 24 22 20 20 18 16 14 12 12 10 8 8 6 4 4 2 0 STD PR STR (Problem Areas) BOM Effective Configuration Management is critical to the success of the Program. SCM is critical to: Successful software development and the preservation of SW technical artifacts & baselines. Achieving SEI-CMM L3 and beyond.

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