Next Generation Workforce Presented to The State of

Next Generation Workforce Presented to The State of Indiana Scott Wall Director, Talent Acquisition, North America June 10, 2008 State of Indiana Current Portfolio Keane has supported the FSSA, Social Services Data Warehouse since 2001 The Social Services Data Warehouse provides reporting, analysis and decision support capabilities to 7 agencies within the State of Indiana Keane has a full-time staff of 16 core resources and brings in additional resources for specific projects over and above the support for the Social Services Data Warehouse Services include: Data Warehouse Requirements Definition and Design Data Warehouse and Data Cube Construction and Deployment Data Transformation and Cleansing Business Intelligence Strategy Benefits to the State of Indiana include: Fulfillment of Federal, State and Local reporting requirements Program fraud and abuse detection Improved planning capabilities enabled by geographic, financial and service pattern analysis Characteristics of Baby Boomers Born between 1946 1964 Represent 28% of the U.S. population

Boomers constitute 50% of the current U.S. workforce, a percentage nearly equal in size to the next two following generations Referred to as The Boomers, The Sandwich Generation or Generation Jones Nearly 40% of U.S. workers are preparing to reduce their involvement in the workplace (Source: As of late 2007 approximately 75,000 Federal workers were eligible for retirement. More than 50% of all Federal workers are within five years of retirement. Furthermore, 70% of all senior managers will be eligible to retire by 2009. (Source: Human Capital Institute, Tom Durgin) Values Attributes Individual choice Adaptive Community involvement Goal-oriented Prosperity Focus on individual choices and freedom Ownership

Adaptive to a diverse workplace Self-actualizing Positive attitude Health and wellness Characteristics of Generation X Born between 1964 1982 Represent 16% of the U.S. population In the U.S. Gen X was originally referred to as the Baby Bust" generation because of the small number of births following the baby boom Also referred to as The MTV generation, Twenty Somethings, The 13th Generation 13th Generation since the founding of our Country, and the 1st Wave of Latchkey kids to hit the workforce Values Attributes Contribution Adaptability Feedback and recognition

Independence Autonomy Skepticism toward Boomer values Time with manager Lack of trust in leadership, particularly institutions Will work hard for a job they believe in Characteristics of Generation Y Born between 1980 - 2003 Represent roughly 20% of the population Also known as Echo Boomers, Millennials, Gen Why, NextGen, The Me Generation and The Look at Me Generation Generation Y candidates are using less traditional methods to find employment, research employers and make hiring decisions Values Attributes

Self-expression Adapt rapidly Marketing and branding self Crave change and challenge Work does not define their life Most technical savvy generation Sense of entitlement Continuous education Expect instant gratification and answers due to the technology they use Committed and loyal when dedicated to an idea, cause or product Accept others of diverse backgrounds easily and openly Global in perspective Generational Work Styles

Baby Boomers Confidence in tasks Emphasize team-building Seek collaborative, group decision making Best suited for mentoring future leaders Decisions are made from work experience Focused on leaving their mark Seek status and will sacrifice family for advancement Believe in career path and that hard work/loyalty equal success Generation X High-quality end results Productivity Balance between work and lifework to live not live to work Flexible work hours/job sharing Free agents See self as a marketable commodity Comfortable with authority but not impressed with titles Technically competent Internal promotion Ethnic diversity Generation Y

Want to know how and what they do fits into the big picture Want to effect change and make an impact View their work as an expression of themselves; not as a definition of themselves Exceptional multi-taskersneed more than one activity happening at a time Seek active versus passive involvement Less likely to seek positions that would compromise life outside of work Seek flexibility in work hours, dress code and work environment Expect corporate social responsibility Work extremely well in teams Continuous learning is the norm Want everything instantlyeverything now Effort can be separated from rewardthere is no such thing as pay for performance Industry Response to Workforce Trends Redeployment of baby boomers Provide a flexible work environment Establishment of a contingent workforce Virtual, flex-time, casual work environment and job sharing Market public service as a unique opportunity to do important work Re-brand marketing programs to attract talent, website to be more appealing (modifying position descriptions that look like legal announcements)

Alter the way talent is recruited Blogging, text messaging, social networking and online applications Examine existing processes for inefficiencies Campus Recruitment Programs To develop future leaders from within the ranks Revamp referral programs Talent finds talent! Employees share their success stories with others to attract top talent through Employee Referral Programs Industry Response to Workforce Trends (continued) Provide mentoring and internal career mobility to continuously stimulate and energize the talent base Rotate and promote from within Coaching opportunity for senior managers to develop future leaders Organize philanthropic efforts Serves as a way to attract and engage the next generation Creates an interest in technology careers

Provide employees with flexible learning opportunities Via eLearning content and on-line books to strengthen skills specific to your companys core set of competencies Encourage thought leadership Create opportunities to participate in strategic, project-based initiatives Provide continual feedback as to the impact the employee is making on the project Acknowledge and encourage the need to address generational differences Retain what is working and keep an open mind Questions / Feedback Scott Wall Direct: 866.258.8797 Thank You! E-mail: [email protected] Keane Corporate Headquarters 210 Porter Drive, Suite 315, San Ramon, CA 94583 Main: 925.838.8600 Toll free: 877.88. KEANE Australia | Canada | France | India | New Zealand | Singapore | Switzerland | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States

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