Conflict Resolution Dealing with Difficult People Diane Mazzey,

Conflict Resolution Dealing with Difficult People Diane Mazzey, M.S. Mihaylo College of Business & Economics Purpose The workshop will focus on conflict resolution and how you can learn to effectively deal with difficult situations and people. You will learn how to address conflicts with colleagues in a calm and professional manner and to develop an appropriate

approach for breaking down a conflict in order to find a suitable solution. You will be able to describe the five conflict handling modes and strategies for dealing with conflict situations. You will learn how to respond to group and individual conflict. Define Conflict Conflict can be understood as a process of

expressing dissatisfaction, disagreement, or unmet expectations with another person, group, or organization Cohen, Davis, & Aboelata, 1998 Conflict Resolution

Assertive Behavior Aggressive Behavior Passive Behavior Takes the

listeners feelings and rights into account Self-serving behavior that does not take a listeners feelings and rights into account

Avoids conflict and internalizes frustration. Beebe, Beebe, & Ivy, LADDER Six stage process for handling problems assertively (L)ook at your rights and what you want

(A)rrange a meeting (D)efine the problem (D)escribe your feelings (E)xpress what you want clearly (R)einforce the other person by by Martha Davis explaining the mutual benefits The Thomas-Kilman Model

Komives, Woodard, & Associates, Case Study: Using Thomas-Kilman Model The following case gives an example of how conflict resolution style, communication skills, and intergroup dialogue interact to assist conflict resolution. Avoidance

Accommodati on Compromise Collaboration Komives, Woodard, & Associates, Disruptive Behavior in a Group

Dont Encourage disruption Constructive Contribution Confrontation Separation ACTIVE LISTENING Case Study: Application

Dealing with Difficult People: What will you do? Identify the issues in the case. Identify strategies that the President could use. Talk about the positives and negatives of each strategy. Role play the situation. 1 member of the group should be the President, l member of the group should be the other member, and the rest of the group should serve as observers. Remember to put yourself in the situation and try to respond as you would in life not on TV! Observers: write down what you observed. What went well? What didnt go as well?

Discuss the role play: 1) what went well, 2) what could be improved 3) suggestions References Beebe, S.A., Beebe, S.J., & Ivy, D.K. (2007). Communication: Principles for a lifetime. New York: Person. Cohen, L., Davis, R., & Aboelata, M. (1998). Conflict resolution and violence prevention: From misunderstanding to understanding. The fourth R, 84, 1-15. Davis, M. Stress & Relaxation Workbook. California, Harbinger Publications. Komives, S.A., Woodard, D.B. Jr., & Associates. (2003). Student Services: A handbook for the profession, 4th ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Rothwell, D. J. In Mixed Company: Small Group Communication, Harcourt and Brace publishers Questions?

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