Safety Seminar

Edina Robotics FIRST Team 1816 The Green Machine Preparing for a FIRST Competition Schedule Arrive on Wednesday evening Allowed to deliver robot and pit 2 What Is A Pit?

Always wear your Safety Glasses in the Pit. Safety FIRST! The pit is a 10x10 foot area alloted to teams to work on their robot, store their tools and batteries. Organization of items within the pit area to work on the robot between matches is important Shelves and other organizational utilities can be very useful 3 The Pit Points to remember

Identify self and sponsors Organized as an efficient workspace Stand out Promo and display materials Materials for judges Easy build/tear down and transport 4

Acting Safely At Competition Get Enough Sleep Caffeine in any form is not a substitute for sleep! Eat Properly. Our Pit needs to be clean and tid! Everythinghas a place. Put things away when you are done using them. Teams are allowed only 5 people In the pit at any given time. Not ok to hang around the pit or workshop if you have nothing to do. 5 Judges Wear Blue Shirts Appear early on Friday, are in the pits throughout the day and into Saturday They are Judging our Team for many different kinds of awards,

from Safety to Innovative Robot Design to how well we conduct STEM Outreach Major awards: Engineering Inspiration Chairmans All team members! We are experts about our team and our robot 6 Scouting Why do we scout other teams? To know your opponents or alliance partners strengths and weaknesses For eliminations/playoffs we need to know who

would be best partners for our robot, Pit Scouting Gather information by speaking to other teams in their pit on Thursday Data Collection & Recording These members watch the playing field and record statistics and robot capabilities of other teams 7 Scouting Things to consider:

Performance vs. Strategy Qualitative vs. Quantitative General vs. Particular Pit vs. Match vs. Both Number of people available to scout 8 More About Scouting

OK to seek and use other teams data Prior years results do not affect this years o Avoid reputation scouting Data is your friend! Lots of info posted on Chief Delphi and on

both the Red Alliance and the Blue Alliance 9 Pit Crew Replace battery on robot after every match Check battery charge levels

Check major robot mechanisms after every match Reboot laptop every so often Talk to Judges Talk to the Visiting Public Talk to other teams who are pit scouting 10 Team Spirit!

Cheering Apparel we have a daily team uniform Flags We give our flag to the MC Banners Mascot Talking with other teams Team t-shirts! Wear them for every event 11 SWAG Giveaways help brand and market our team. Also known as SWAG! Can be Buttons/pins/Bracelets/necklaces

Pens/pencils/erasers/flash drives/stickers Calendars/mini Tape Measures Keychains (Our Winking Keytag) Bandanas (Roborags!) Stratasys 3D Printed Auger Keychains Whats your favorite giveaway? 12 Competition Safety Use the Buddy system Curfew Mrs. Purdy checks! Cell phones Team contacts Never give out team members phone number to a

non-team member Private information is private! Sleep Eat Be respectful 13

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