Roadmap - European Commission

EU initiatives linked to sustainable investment Jobs, Growth and Investment Energy Union and Climate Creating jobs and boosting growth without creating new debt Making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable EFSI 2.0 Energy Union CMU Sustainable finance strategy and expert group Present united EU front at COP22

EIB's investment programmes COP21 implementation / INDC Non-Financial Reporting Directive Guidelines Sustainable Development Strategy Shareholder Rights Directive Addis Ababa Action agenda (including blending policies) Circular Economy strategy CSR Strategy Horizon 2020 Sustainability in STS Securitisation rules

2030 Climate and Energy Framework (potentially new targets for energy efficiency and renewables) Internal Market A deeper and fairer internal market IORP (ESG Information) ETS reform PRIIPS E&S investment definition Effort Sharing Regulation proposal MiFID (Research Commission) Energy efficiency initiatives (DG ENVI study in fiduciary duty)

Responsible investment consultation A Stronger Global Actor Bringing together the tools of Europes external action EUs role in G20 (Green Finance Task Force) + looking forward to DE G20 Presidency EU follow up to the Financial Stability Boards Task Force on climate disclosure HTTP://AVIVASUSTAINABLEFINANCETOOLKIT.COM/ Dr Steve Waygood Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors 20th December 2016 @stevewaygood

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  • PowerPoint Presentation

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Mothers' Union General Meeting 2019. Governance (including Finance) Communications. Faith. Fundraising. Membership. Policy. MUenterprises. Directory. Development
  • The two martyrs - Happy Land

    The two martyrs - Happy Land

    Prophet Yahya was unjustly killed at the hands of a tyrant. Yahya's Mission. Gifts to Prophet Yahya. Characteristics of Prophet Yahya. Yahya'sDeath. Similarity between Prophet Yahya and Prophet Isa. Relating to modern time
  • Pre-U & IGCSE

    Pre-U & IGCSE

    Broad content with some challenging contemporary twists Broad fieldwork in Edexcel but 'back to the future' in CIE Growing support community ("Ask an Expert" gives excellent access to Chief Examiner in Edexcel) NO CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT IN EITHER BUT Linearity in...
  • ladder to sector out2 bond fixture HFT PIXEL

    ladder to sector out2 bond fixture HFT PIXEL

    ladder to sector out2 bond fixture HFT PIXEL 11/16/2008 ladder to out2 bond fixture.SLDASM parts to build sector chuck, important tolerances a possible machining sequence machine all features except joining holes and listed critical features match drill pin location holes...
  • NARPM - Northwest Regional Conference Market Updates  Analyze

    NARPM - Northwest Regional Conference Market Updates Analyze

    Four used copiers purchased from an office supply warehouse for about $300 each contained a gold mine of personal data. Using a forensic software program available free online, tens of thousands of documents were downloaded.
  • Présentation PowerPoint - BIOMACH

    Présentation PowerPoint - BIOMACH

    A "brownian" rotary motor based on decacyclene pp.531-533 Hexa-t-Butyl-Decacyclene HB-DC Top (A) and side (B) views of models of the molecular structure of hexa-tert-butyl decacyclene (HB-DC). The molecule consists of a central conjugated decacyclene core with six t-butyl legs attached...
  • Mcas 2.0 Assesses Standards Learning

    Mcas 2.0 Assesses Standards Learning

    Varied Types of Writing. Standards Features. Reading . and Writing . Standards are . Connected: Folktales and Theme, Central Idea. CLASSROOM PRACTICE. Read for Central Idea, Make a case for Central . Idea & Supporting Details. CLASSROOM PRACTICE.
  • Activity Title - eCOMPAS

    Activity Title - eCOMPAS

    SPNS 2014 Program Goal. Create a coordinated regional system of HIV/AIDS medical services, joining outreach, HIV testing, early intervention and HIV medical providers to ensure that all individuals at risk for HIV have access to HIV testing, timely disclosure of...