RF Device Technology Reliability - NASA

RF Device Technology Reliability

We propose to expand the evaluation of state-of-the-art RF
devices for use in space applications, the associated risks and
mitigation techniques.
Micro-filter technologies will be surveyed and evaluated .
State-of-the art micro-filters will be procured and reliability tested.

Motivation and Benefits

The motivation is to understand and address the technology and
reliability challenges necessary to enable confident use of key SoA
RF devices in space applications.
Low noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers PAs), phase modulators,
RF switches and micro-filters are key to the performance, mass and DC
power consumption of RF front-ends.

FY07 Plans:
Survey currently available RF micro-filter technologies
performance parameters
mass and footprint
materials and construction
Study RF micro-filter reliability data including
failure mechanisms
failure rates
Perform reliability tests
signal power level
operating time
Write space screening / qualification guideline for RF devices

Benefits these planned NASA
Micro-filter technologies in particular drive the hardware mass / footprint. missions: MSL, Juno, Europa

study RF device technologies
report on RF tech study
procure RF devices for tests
plan performance tests
build RF test boards
assemble test system
performance tests
report on test results
final report

Lead Center/PI: JPL, Jonathan Perret

CL CL image

SEI image


RF Device
Technology Reliability O N D J F




Final report including technology and reliability update,
summary of experimental results and their implications
and recommendations for RF part selection and testing

RF devices and test hardware will be
procured at total cost of less than $ 35K

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