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CLAS Transfer Student Registration Preparation Robert Kwong, M.S. Academic Advisor College of Liberal Arts and Sciences University of Florida Registration Holds Hard Holds vs Soft Holds Soft Holds are essentially warnings or reminders and do not prevent registration Hard Holds prevent registration Read the text of the hold Provides information about where to get the hold addressed

Some of the holds require completion of tasks by the student Note: Some registration holds are recurring holds, e.g. Emergency Registration Holds To check to see if you have any registration holds, go to ONE.UF ( Then click on Check Holds Know Your Registration Appointment Each student is assigned a specific registration day and time to begin registration for the next term. Summer/Fall registration appointment day and time is available around mid-March. Spring registration appointment day and time is available around mid-October.

Your registration appointment is available via Student Self Service Click on Register/View Schedule Your appointment time is when you may begin registering for the next terms classes. Be sure to make to check that you have no registration holds. Planning Your Future Terms Summer Term Your classes would need to be completed at UF. No additional coursework will be accepted from another institution. Good time to take courses to get caught up if you had not been taking at least 15 credits fall/spring terms, or if you have fallen behind on your critical tracking. Great opportunity to get ahead in your academic plans or fit in courses for a 2 nd major

or minor or certificate. Fall /Spring Term Schedule template should consist of: 2 courses required for your major (including any remaining critical tracking classes) 1 2 courses in any remaining CLAS Gen Ed requirements or University requirements 1 2 courses in 3000 level electives outside your major, courses for a minor or 2nd major or certificate. Additional Notes About Registration Some courses require that you are a student in a declared major or minor. You will have to wait until the priority registration period to expire in order to register for such courses, provided that you meet the course pre-requisites.

APK2100C, APK2105C, BCH4024 DO NOT REQUEST PERMISSION TO WAIVE THE REQUIREMENTS!!!!! Some courses for which you meet pre-requisites but cannot register. Usually due to the pre-requisites completed at a non-public Florida institution and will require a visit to the department to manually waive the pre-requisite. DO NOT SEE A GENERAL ADVISOR AT FARRIOR HALL!!!! You must meet with an undergraduate coordinator in the department for which the course is offered.

Cannot get PCB3063 (Genetics) because BIOL125 and BSC125L (Biology II) was completed at Loyola University. Minors and Certificates If you are interested in pursuing minors and/or certificates, please go to and then click on Undergraduate Catalog Click on Minors or Certificates to review information about the programs. You may declare a minor once you have completed at least one course for the minor and have a UF GPA of 2.00 or higher. Some minors require a higher GPA and may require an application to the specific department. If you are interested in a certificate, you must meet with the department representative to discuss the application process and criteria. If pursuing a minor or certificate results in you needing one additional semester beyond the 4 semesters allowed at UF, it is not a problem, provided

you have discussed your plans with an academic advisor and applied for the program(s). Minor Applications Go to >> Click on Forms >> Apply to Add or Cancel a Minor. Print out the form, complete it, provide your signature. Drop off the form at Farrior Hall. If the minor belongs to another college, you will be asked to pick it up. You will then get the signature from the appropriate college for the 2 nd signature and then you will bring it to the Registrars Office in Criser Hall, Room 222. Apply for the minor before earning 96 credit hours. Notes About Minors You may not double count more than 6 credits between a minor and your major.

You may not double count more than 6 credits between multiple minors. If the minor is at least 18 credits, then no more than 9 credits can be double counted between the minor and the major. Double Majors/Dual Degrees Double Majors vs Dual Degrees Double majors are two majors within the same college that offer the same degree. English (BA) and Sociology (BA) both in CLAS Biology (BS) and Physics (BS) both in CLAS 1 degree

Dual degrees are two majors from different colleges or two majors within the same college but offer different degrees General Business Adminstration (BABA) and Political Science (BA) Biology (BS) CLAS and History (BA) CLAS 2 different degrees Double Major/Dual Degree Applications Must have a UF GPA of at least a 3.00 GPA. Some dual degree/double major combinations require 3.50 UF GPA. Must have met all of term 5 critical tracking criteria in your primary CLAS major. If the 2nd major is also in CLAS, you must meet all term 5 critical tracking criteria for the 2 nd major..

If the 2nd major is not in CLAS, meet with the undergraduate coordinator or department advisor for the non-CLAS major to determine what classes need to be completed in order to submit an application. Must be able to complete both majors within 5 semesters (fall/spring). If the 2nd major is non-CLAS, you will need approval from the other college for the 5 th semester. Meet with the department advisors for each of the majors and map out a plan to ensure that the double major/dual degree can be completed within the 5 semesters. Be sure to include all Gen Ed and University Requirements Double Major/Dual Degree Applications Go to >> Click on Registrar Forms >> Click on

Double Major or Dual Degree Print out the form and complete both pages. Personal statement must include the reason you are pursuing both majors. Be sure your academic plan is accurate by checking with your general advisors as well as your department advisors. Account for any classes for your minor and/or certificates Make sure there is no more than 15 credits of overlap between both majors Get a signature from department representative of the 2 nd major Get a signature from department representative of your primary major Drop off the form at Farrior Hall. Other Opportunities

Study Abroad Complete courses for your major, minor or certificate abroad Scholarship opportunities for international study Combined degree programs Bachelors/Masters Earn 12 credits towards a graduate program at UF that counts for both your undergraduate and graduate program. Reduce the amount of time spent for graduate study at UF.

Research University of Florida International Center University Scholars Program Honors Thesis Independent Study Internship Department internships (major) CLAS General Internship: Questions? Contact an academic advisor at the Academic Advising Center

in Farrior Hall. Appointment Walk-In advising E-mail advising Phone advising Visit

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