Year 13 Information Evening Kineton Sixth Form: Whos

Year 13 Information Evening Kineton Sixth Form: Whos who Henry Gowney-Hedges Deputy Head teacher: Strategic lead for Sixth Form Denise Cottriall: Pastoral Head of

Sixth Form Helen Sharpe: UCAS lead for Sixth Form Kineton Sixth Form: Celebrating success

Almost all students went to their first or second choice destination. 14 students went to Russell Group or University Alliance universities. 20.5% of grades awarded at A*/A The many high grades resulted in our students accessing

their chosen pathway for next year and gaining prestigious university places. 50% of all Applied Business grades, and 67% of all Drama grades achieving the equivalent of an A grade or above. Individual highlights include Will Smith who achieved A*A*A , Felicity Harris with A,A,A and Ben Reeve-Taylor with A*AA. Maths and Physics A Level results continue to be particularly strong. Kineton Sixth Form: Key Dates 20th October: UCAS application deadline

10th November: Interim reports issued. 14th November: Year 13 parents evening. 19th January: Interim reports issued. 16th March: Interim (year 12) and annual reports (year 13) issued. 8th May: A levels begin Kineton Sixth Form: Aiming High Attendance is key to securing aspirations. All day (8.25-2.45), every day!

Home study offer to be reviewed with student voice. Please keep driving lessons and appointments outside of school hours. Effective use of independent study these are the skills that employers want to see. Smart professional dress Kineton Sixth Form: Working together Learning in partnership this is particularly important

at Sixth Form. Developing student independence. Ensuring expectations For example students should be spending at least as many hours working outside the classroom each week, as they spend in it (eg. at least 4 hours for each subject). Work life balance making sure that jobs dont impact on progress and that stress levels dont get too high. Communication if we dont know we cant do anything, together we can work better. Future plans UCAS/apprentiship/work support from school and home is crucial is securing student aspirations.

Where are you? A Attempt to unpick trigger words in essays Hand in exam questions each week

Attempt all questions timed Read over revision grid each week Do optional extra questions Re-do any questions below C grade Print off papers

Fill in revision grid Read over notes before tests Make cards for dates/people/events B

C D E U UCAS Kineton Sixth Form: UCAS Five choices choose wisely!

Track record of success at Kineton High School and Sixth Form (100% last year) Predicted grades are key, but they must be realistic. Use these to guide your applications. Remember, an offer is not a place! Kineton Sixth Form: UCAS The personal statement: Delivered through tutor time and PSHE Working with tutors: draft, redraft and draft again

Working with Miss Sharpe: draft, redraft and draft again (it is that important!) Not what, but why 2/3 subject specific, 1/3 on extra curricular The references: Written by subject teachers and tutors Positive comments, key skill specific. Predicted grades are included. Work experience and wider impact included and can be key. Kineton Sixth Form:

Bridging Year Many universities view this favourably Make sure you explain your reasons in your personal statement Defer to 2019 or wait and apply next Autumn. Kineton Sixth Form: UCAS deadlines School deadline: October 20th Payment: 24, cheque payable to UCAS.

Studen t Financ Kineton Sixth Form: Student Finance Tuition Fee Loan Maintenance Loan Process starts Spring 2019

Dont forget bursaries and scholarships ( - Check the UCAS website, or the institutions own website. Kineton Sixth Form: Tuition Fee Loan Universities and Colleges charge up to 9,250 per year for tuition costs. You can borrow up to that amount not dependent on family income.

It goes directly to the university from the Student Loans Company. Everyone is eligible for it. This is repaid once you have graduated and are earning over 21,000 (currently) Kineton Sixth Form: Maintenance Loan This is on a sliding scale depending on where you live and where you study. Up to 11,002 is available (London)

For daily living costs (rent, books, food, transport etc) Paid in three instalments, at the start of each term. Repaid after graduation on condition of meeting a specific salary This is an example based on last years Maintenance Loan figures of the sliding scale of eligibility for a Maintenance loan.

How to apply for Student Finance 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Set up a student finance online account. Log in and complete the online application.

Include details of your household income and get your parents/family to support your application if needed. Send in proof of identity, if needed. Sign and return the loan declaration which you should receive within 6 weeks. What youll need to apply What a parent needs to complete the application: National Insurance number(s) Household income information (based on prior tax year)

P60 Interest and Investments and Pension statements Benefits book Self Assessment tax returns Proof of Divorce/Seperation Details of other child dependants Applying: Top Tips Make sure that you apply on time! Keep a copy of your childs Customer Reference Number (CRN) Always include the CRN on everything that is sent in

Agree to share information form their application, this way universities can access the student for some bursaries and scholarships Make sure that any evidence and information needed to support the application is supplied first time (students and parents/family) Print out, sign, and send in the declaration form as soon as possible so as not to delay payments. Loan Repayments

You pay back 9% of your income over the minimum amount of 21,000 Your income per year Monthly repayments 21,000 and under 0 25,000

30 30,000 67 50,000 217 Other things to consider

Student bank accounts Affordability Hidden costs Accommodation deposit Contents insurance TV license Freshers week! Useful Information Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

The Student Room Official Student Finance Information To apply UCAS Deadline reminder Friday 20th October

Tutor check in Thats all from us! Feel free to check in with the tutor team to see if theres anything else that we can do to help. The power point will be available on the website, so you can check all the links etc there. Keep an eye out for universities in the news!

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