Best Broadband Solutions and Sources for Sustainable Communities

Best Broadband Solutions and Sources for Sustainable Communities Nevada Economic Development Conference August 20, 2018 SB 53 Telecom Infrastructure Sharing Denise Inda NDOT Traffic Operations

SB 53 Modified definitions to include fiber optics and related infrastructure Information System Transportation

System Highway NDOT AUTHORITY Grant longitudinal access for use of conduit, facilities and wireless access for fair compensation

Develop regulations and policies Enter into an agreement Issue an encroachment permit CONTENT OF AGREEMENT

Terms of renegotiation Terms of maintenance Term of 30 years or less Does not grant a property interest in a r/w Fair, reasonable, competitively neutral, and nondiscriminatory compensation COMPENSATION

Based on a fair-trade value Cash or in-kind compensation Monetary compensation placed in the Highway fund In-kind compensation used for statewide telecommunications

purposes SB 53 PROGRESS Interstate & Non-Interstate Routes

Non-interstate Policy Interstate Regulations Master Agreement Location Specific Agreement Telecom Infrastructure BEST PRACTICES

Bi-annual planning meetings with providers and state & local agencies Establish single POC to simplify inquiries Establish valuation process

with 5 yr updates Maximize effectiveness of trades BENEFITS

Expands infrastructure statewide Reaches underserved and unserved areas Attracts fiber telecom providers to cities and counties Reduces costs through coordinated construction efforts


US 50 Fiber Hut Ely SR 439 Spare Conduit I 80 to US 50 Connectivity Other Locations SR 439 USA PARKWAY Old Section

New Section White Pine Dig Once and Trade Agreement

NDOT Beautification Project starts spring of 2019 $30 million investment 12 mile project; Hwy. 50, Hwy. 6 Work with providers to sign trade agreement, enter trench, bring in fiber Contact Info: Denise M. Inda, PE, PTOE Chief Traffic Operations Engineer

Nevada Dept. of Transportation 775-888-7080 [email protected] Jojo Myers Campos State Broadband Development Manager Governors Office of Science, Innovation & Technology 775-687-0993 [email protected]

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