DO NOW MONDAY Give the function (job) of

DO NOW MONDAY Give the function (job) of each organelle below a. b. c. d. Nucleus Cell membrane Mitochondrion

Endoplasmic reticulum e. f. g. h. Golgi body Vacuole Lysosome Cytoskeleton

TODAYS PLAN Describe unicellular and multicellular organisms. Identify/Describe cell, tissue, organ, organ system, and organism. Distinguish between the differences among cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. TODAYS DO We will watch a short video about and discuss the levels of cellular organization and complete a graphic organizer. We will answer questions about the levels of organization.

We will read and complete a handout about how the levels of organization are like the structure of a building. Remember Cell Poster Projects are DUE TODAY!! Life is organized into different levels based upon size (from small to large). Organisms and Cells Some organisms are unicellular. This means they are made of only one cell. Examples: bacteria, yeast

Some organisms are multicellular. This means they are made of many cells. Examples: humans, trees Organisms and Cells Unicellular organisms have nothing but a single cell. However, multicellular organisms have many more levels of organization to make

sure the whole body can work correctly, even when it is doing many things at the same time. There are 5 Levels of

Organization in Multicellular Organisms: 1. Cells 2. Tissues 3. Organs 4. Organ Systems 5. Organisms The cell is the basic unit of life.

Cells are specialized by size and shape for the job they do. Example: skin cell The paramecium above is made of only one cell and it must perform all the jobs of the organism. T

I S S U E S Tissues are made of the same type of cells grouped together to do a specific job. Example: Humans have four kinds of tissue in their Bodies: Epithelia, Muscle, Connective, and Nerve.

Organs Organs are made up of different tissues that work together to do a job. Example: a heart is an organ . Organ Systems An organ system is a group of organs working together.

Examples: Human organ systems include circulatory, reproductive, digestive, nervous, respiratory. Plant organ system-roots, stems, leaves= transport system. Organisms All cells, tissues, organs and organ systems working together makes an

organism. Example: a human

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