The faith of the Cananite woman. [Mt.15:21-28] The

The faith of the Cananite woman. [Mt.15:21-28] The Season of Elijah - Cross - Moses 3rd Sunday, Cross - - 28-09-2014 The Season of Elijah - Cross Moses 2nd Sunday, Cross - 21-09-2014 \ncm-i-bmepw thZ-\-bmepw kzw aImbn, IcpW-bvmbn bmNn-p hnPm-Xob kv{Xobmb Im\ mImcn kv{XobpsS hnizm-k-ns Bg-ta-dnb Nn{XamWv Cu Rmb-dm-gvNs kphn-ti-j-n \mw ImWp-Xv. Cutim-bp-am-bp ZoL-amb kw`m-j-W-ns ]e Ah-k-c--fnepw Cu kv{XobpsS Ic--t]-n-p hmpIv Cutim Hpw ]d-bp-n-. Fm Ah-fpsS Bg-tadn-bXpw hep-Xp-amb hnizmkw {]I-S-am--s-tm Cutim Ah Ic--t]-n Imcyw km[n-p-sIm-Spp. CutimbpsS Imev hoWv At]-n-p-I-bmWv sNbvXXv.

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sNbvXp. ChnsS \mw ImWpXv : kv{Xo Hcn-epw ]nam-dp-n. BZy-\n-anjw apX hnizm-k-tmsS {]Xymi-tbmsS \op-p. As\ Cutim Ah-fpsS hep-Xmb hnizm-ks AwKo-I-cn-p-p. Cutimbpw kvXobp-am-bp kw`m-jWw IY-bpsS a {][m-\-amb `mKw Xs-bm-Wv. Cu kv{XobpsS hnizmkw ]e-Xc-n-emWv shfn-hm--s-Sp-Xv. Cutim \ni-_vZ-\m-bn-cp-tm kv{Xo Xs At]mkm[y-n-\ mbn \nw ]nSn-p-p. Cutim kwkm-cn-m XpS-n-b-tm bpn-bpw hmZn-p-I-bm-bncp-p. Cutim-bpsS henb ssZhnI-i-n-bpsS tai-bn \npw X\nv e`n

Ir]-bpsS km-\-ambn-mWv kzw aI-fpsS kpJ-sSp--ens\ Ah a\-kn-em-n-bXv. Cu kv{Xo-bpsS hnizm-ks Cutim ]pIgvn ]d-tm. kn\tKm-Knse `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-bpsS Imcy-s\ kpJ-s-Sp-p--Xn\v apv Cutim At-l-ns hnizm-k-s-p-dnv ]d--bp-Xv sm: C{km-tb-en Hcn-S-p-t]mepw CXp-t]m-ep hnizmkw ImWm km[n-n-n (Lk. 7:9). Cu 2 kw`h-fnepw kpJ-{]m-]vXn-mbn Im-hns ] At]-n-p--h hn-Pm-Xob-cmWv. Cutim-bpsS kzw \mnse Bfp-I-fpsS hnizm-k-p-dhns\ Cutim \ncm-i-tbm-sSbpw k-S-tm-sSbpw hon-p- \psS ] Ic-p- iey-s-Sp-p Cu kv{Xosb ]d--b-mepw Fv Cutim-tbmSv injy-m Bh-iy-s-Sptmgpw Cu kv{XobpsS ssIap-Xem-bp hnizm-k-s-n Cutimbvv Bg-amb t_m[y-ap-m-bn-cp-p. Cu kv{Xobn-eqsS injy-msc Hcp ]mTw ]Tn-n-m Cutim B{Kln-n-cp-p. Ah-cpsS Kuc-h-an-

m-Xpw, \nn-Im-chpw lrZb-iq-\y-hp-amb a\-n-Xnsb Cutim t\mn-Im-Wp-I-bm-bn-cpp. Fm hnizm-k-ns henb Dm-lhpw, ]cn-{i-ahpw, hn\-bCutimsb FXnp-Ibpw sNbvXn-cp blq-Zpw, ns ssNX-\yhpw Cu hnain-p-Ibpw kv{Xov hnizmkw DWvSm-bn-cp D-Xmbn Cutim a\-kn-em-n.hnPm-Xo-b- kv{Xopw thWvSnbmWv Cu ApXw Cutim {]hn--Xv. c-bn-tebvv Fm-hcpw IS-p-h-c-W-sapXv Cutim-bpsS A`n-em-j-am-Wv. hniz-kn-p-hv Xo-bmbpw ssZh-Ir] \evI-s-Sp-sa-p kXyw \mw

ChnsS a\-kn-em--Ww. Fsmw XS--fpw {]Xn-k-n-Ifpw Akz-X-IfpamsW-nepw B kv{Xo-bpsS hnizmkw \mbn {]I-S-amp--Xn\v Cutim B{K-ln-p-p. Cutim-bpsS cm-Ic]Xn C{kmtb P\-X-bvp-thWvSnbmWv tI{o-I-cn-n-cn-p--Xv. Fm Cu kv{XobpsS IY \s ]Tn-n-p asmcp kXy-: Bhn-iy-mcmbnph-tcmSv IcpW ImWn-p ssZh-amWv \ap-p-Xv. Cu kv{Xo \n-lm-bm-h Fm-sWv ]Tn-p. ImcWw kzw aIsf _m[n-n-cn-p ]nim-Nnsta Ahv A[n-Im-c-an-m-bncpp. ]nimNv Ah-fpsS aIsf Xn-bm sImp-I-bm-bn-cp-p. Ah Hcp c-Is\ Bh-iy-am-bn-cp-p. Fm-bmepw Hcp `uXn-I-c-Is\ B ka-bv thW-am-bn-cp-p. B kv{XobpsS Cutim-bn-ep Bob hnizm-k-amWv kXy-n aIsf kpJ-s-Sp-n-b-Xv. Npcp--n, hnizm-kn-I-fpsS hn\bw \nd hnizm-ks Cutim kvt\ln-p-p, AwKo-I-cnp-p. AXn-eqsS ico-c-sbpw Bmhn-s\ bpw kpJ-s-Sp-p-p. \n-lm-b-h- -a-\-nem-p--h-scbpw \n-lm-bm-h--bn-ep-h-scbpw Xs A[n-Im-chpw in-bp-ap-]tbm-Knv klm-bn-p-hm\pw cn-p-hm\pw Cutim tmgpw k--\mWv Fv \mw CXn \npw a\-n-em--Ww. \msa-mhcpw ssZh-ns i-amb Bobin-bnepw ssII-fn-ep-amWv {]Xymi An-t-WvSXv. \ Wish hn\bw

you a good Sunday! psS Bghpw \nd--Xp-amb hnizmPrepared by Fr. Joseph ( Jojiachan ) k-ns hy-amb Tholanickal sXfn-hmWv \pv e`n-p Bo-b -im-co-cn-I- ku-Jy-.

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