PAR-Q Seven Questions Designed to identifiy those who need medical clearance. If answer yes to any question should refer to physician for clearance. Purposes of Health Screening Identify and exclude those with

contraindications Identify those at increased risk because of age, symptoms, and or risk factors, who need medical clearance Identify those who need a medically supervised program Identify those with special needs Risk Factor Analysis

Used in making decisions about Level of medical clearance Need for exercise testing prior to program entry The need for medical supervision for testing and exercise program May want to include more than those included on page 24 of ACSM guidelines but a good place to start

Coronary Risk Factor Analysis Assesses clients risk profile There are many different forms Assess the following: Blood Cholesterol Blood Pressure Use A Risk Factor Test

Disease Risk Classification Based on Results of Coronary Risk Analysis Classify as: apparently healthy/low risk at increased risk/moderate risk known disease/high risk Medical History Questionaire

examine clients personal illnesses, surgeries etc. assess previous medical diagnoses assess signs and symptoms analyze clients family history focus on conditions that require medical referral. Physical Exam and Medical

Clearance If: Male and over forty with 2 or more major risk factors Female and over fifty with 2 or more major risk factors have known CVD, pulmonary, or metabolic disease

Laboratory Tests Usually used for Diagnosis, but these too sometimes used for functional testing Blood Lipid Profile fasting blood glucose level. If know disease or if requested by physician include:

12 lead ECG comprehensive blood chemistry chest x-ray and pulmonary tests

ECG Recordings Used to measure heart rate Used to measure electrical activity of the heart (i.e. rhythm)

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