Intro to Cell Vocabulary -

November 8 and 9, 2007 Warm-up Do you know the cell part? Take out a sheet of paper. You have 5 minutes to get as many right as you can. Lesson Title: Plant and Animal Cells E.Q.:

How can you distinguish between plant and animal cells? Obj.: Compare and contrast plant and animal cells; Create a wet-mount slide; Properly stain a specimen. Warm-up-Cell Agenda Analogy (Bells 4 and 6)

Like a Turtle-Review cell parts and functions Quiz-Cell history and cell parts/functions Quiz-Weekly notebook quiz Pre-lab discussion and questions (p. 28 in IT) Lab-Comparing plant and animal cells (p. 28 in IT) Homework-p. 181, 1-5 (p. 25 in interactive notebook)

Intro to Cell Vocabulary Fancy Names For Simple Things Visit for more free powerpoints Cells Cells are the basic unit of all living thingsif it is alive it has cells

Two Classes of Cells There are 2 classes of cells. There are only two differences between Plant & Animal cellstry to spot them by the end of the show Plant cells Animal Cells

Cell Differentiation There are only 2 classes of cells (plant/animal), but there are many kinds of cells in each class. Each kind of cell has a DIFFERENT job to doit specializes. I am a

heart cell! I am a skin cell Im a Prison Cell! When you hear the new

vocabularyjust think of a Turtl e The Cell Membrane cell membrane holds the cell

together and allows nutrients in the cell Its just like a turtles skin The cell membrane is on the edge of a cell Cytoplasm Cytoplasm is the watery gel (Jello!) inside a cell.its goop! It holds the ORGANelles Cytoplasm is like the turtles blood and

other liquids Mitochondria Mitochondria is an ORGANelle that releases energy from food Mitochondria is like a turtles stomach Nucleus The

nucleus controls the cell The nucleus is like the turtles brain Chromosomes Chromosomes are inside the nucleus and are made of genes (DNA) Genes decide the cells traits and activities (heart cell, eye cell (color))

Nuclear Membrane The nuclear membrane allows substances to pass in and out of the nucleus It surrounds the nucleus (the brain) like the turtles skullprotects it Vacuoles

Vacuoles are spaces in the cytoplasm (gel) where food and chemicals are stored Its like fat on a turtle I am NOT fatIm just a little plump!! Cell Wall

Cell Walls are only in plant cells They make the cell strong and rigid They are like a turtles shell (but only plants have themthats why grass stands straight up!) Chloroplasts Chloroplasts

are only in plant cells They contain chlorophyll, which helps make energy/food from sunlight Chlorophyll is green in colorso any plant that is green has chloroplasts Im greendo I have chloroplasts? Whats the Difference? So

what are two things that Plant cells have that animal cells dont? ? Chloroplasts & Cell Walls What would happen if animals had Chloroplasts?

Now, lets review Cell Membrane Chromosomes Mitochondria Plant/Animal Cells Cell Wall Chloroplasts Nucleus Nuclear Membrane

Cytoplasm Vacuoles Cell Differentiation Congratulations You now know all the vocabulary for cells Weekly notebook Quiz

Directions: Using your notebook, give the answers to the following questions. You have 10 minutes. 1. P. 20-Give the answer to #13. 2. P. 22-Give the answer to #9 3. P. 23 which

causes regions near bodies of water_________ 4. P. 24-Give the answer to #4 5. P. 26 Give the answer to #1 under the

microscope. Lab-Comparing plant and animal cells Pre-lab Questions (use p. 1071 in text) 1. Summarize the pre-lab discussion 2. How are plant and animal cells alike? How are

they different? 3. What is the purpose of using methylene blue? 4. Summarize how to prepare a wetmount slide. 5. Summarize proper staining


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