Economics in the Elementary School

TABLES IN HTML No, not that kind of table!! THIS KIND!! Tables Why use tables on a web page? Easier to align data, even with a border of 0 Organized and neat Easy to read

To add a table To do a table, you must have a beginning and ending table tag

For example:

<body> </p> <table> </table> <p> </body> </html> </head> Table Borders Add border=n if you wish to include a border

around your table and its cells. Even if you dont want a border, you should still include the border tab at 0. Instead of


Wait until you master tables before trying one without a border Table Rows

Each row has a beginning and ending tag

Cells / Columns To make another column you create a

separate cell with the

tag (ending tag also


column 1 column 2 column 3
Heading Cells

If you want your columns to have labels or column headings, use the table heading tags These will center and bold your headings in the middle of your columns

Heading 1> Heading 2 Heading 3

U:\Lburgess \my web pages\my

favorites.html Changing Text Alignment in a Cell You can change the text alignment to left, center or right. And, you can change the text alignment

to top, middle or bottom of the cell. To do so, you add an alignment tag to your column tag

What if you want links inside your table? To create a table that looks like this one And links to those web pages CBS Home Page

WPHS Home Page The tags would be as follows

CBS Home Page

What would the WPHS Tag look like? Lets Review

To add a border to your table

To create a table without a border

To center text within a cell of a table

To add space between the cell wall and the text

Lets Review To create a heading for your columns

Your Turn

Changing Row Span or Column Span You can span more than one row or more than one column

You should absolutely draw your table on paper first to see what you want it to look like before creating your html document. Once you draw your table on paper, then you will be able to see what type of tags you will need.

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on first row

To vertically align the the text in cells use valign

To add a hyperlink inside the table as text

Dont forget to type in what text you want to show after that link reference

Where you want to go to