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Granada URBAN DEVELOPMENT CAN NOT BE OUT OF THIS TRANSFORMATION We have yet some resources in this direction like a - Technological Health Park (PTS), - European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC

Granada), - Business Centre of PTS (CEPTS), - Andalusian Centre for Innovation and ICT (CITIC), - Lopez Neyra Parasitology and Biomedicine Institute (CSIC),

- Centro Federico Garcia Lorca. I would like to focus on two initiatives: 1. On Granada Tech City initiative. We have developed and important digital ecosystem via the On Granada Tech

City initiative, which has brought together the principal public institutions and private organizations to back up the ICT and Bio ICT industry as the driving for behind the growth of Granada 2. Technological Health Park.

https://youtu.be/j6zDN_hJmzA Business Development


Teaching Health care

FUTURE PTS EXPANSION PROPOSED ACTIONS 1. Promotion of Urban ecosystem for Health and

Biotechnology industries, Improving PTS. 2. Development an Urban Planning to achieve universal accessibility and improve mobility 3. Define an urban Integrated strategy for the revitalization of Urban areas through Cultural Assets

(Federico Garcia Lorca Legacy) MUCHAS GRACIAS Francisco Aranda [email protected]

General Coordinator Economy, Finance, Personnel, Contracting & Smart City

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