Culture - Diversity

CULTURE DIVERSITY Differences are the keys to success! UNITED STATES Most multicultural of all industrial countries JAPAN

Most monocultural of all industrial nations DUE TO HISTORY .. US HAS ALWAYS OPENED ITS DOORS TO THE MANY CULTURES OF THE WORLD. We were formed upon the idea that we have outsiders. Our country stands for.Freedom and Culture. We are the epitome of westernization good and bad.

Distinctive accents throughout the country southern drawl, NY accent, etc Religious pluralism Land of class differences Home to individualists

JAPAN HAD CLOSED ITS DOORS FOR OVER 250 YEARS They looked down upon westernization. They felt it took away from their culture, their traditions and their strength. They were strong as a closed nation but once they opened their doors it took a

toll. HIGH CULTURE Refers to cultural patterns that distinguish a societys elite High culture is NOT inherently superior to popular culture People seem to think this is the case but sociologists have learned:

Neither elites nor ordinary people share the same tastes and interests Who says High culture is better than popular culture? High culture supporters have more money, power and

prestige? POPULAR CULTURE Designates cultural patterns that are widespread among a societys population What people think is cool? What motivates certain groups of people to

pursue dreams/aspirations? What is popular? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A VIOLIN VS FIDDLE?

SUBCULTURES Cultural patterns that distinguish some segment of a societys population Differences & Hierarchy WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN


CULTURE? MULTICULTURALISM An educational program recognizing the cultural diversity of the US Promoting the equality of all cultural

traditions Question: Should we continue to focus on historical traditions or highlight contemporary diversity? E PLURIBUS UNUM LATIN PHRASE

FOR OUT OF MANY, ONE Symbolizes not only our national political union Idea that immigrants from around the world have come together to form a new way of life

Opposite of Ethnocentrism (dominance of European cultural patterns) Supporters argue that it helps us come to terms with our diverse present and strengthens the academic achievement of African-American children. Some call for Afrocentrism (dominance of

African cultural patterns in peoples lives) Opponents argue that it encourages diviseness rather than unity. MODERN ISSUE: WHAT IS THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF AMERICA (US)?

COMMON GROUND: We need greater appreciation of our cultural diversity. Balance needs to be between Pluribus and Unum COUNTERCULTURE

Cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within a society. 1960s Flower child Rejected mainstream culture as overly competitive, selfcentered, and materialistic Favored a cooperative lifestyle being took precedent over doing expanded consciousness (personal growth) was more

accepted over material possessions Religious militants can be included in this group A good show to see this Counterculture would be The Wonder Years or the movie: Forrest Gump

CULTURAL CHANGE All things shall pass Cultural integration (the close relationship among various elements of a cultural system) Cultural lag (refers to the fact that

cultural elements change at different rates could disrupt a cultural system) THREE FACTORS WHICH AFFECT THESE CHANGES: Invention the process of creating new cultural elements

Discovery recognizing and understand an idea not fully understood before Diffusion the spread of cultural traits from one cultural system to another ETHNOCENTRISM judging another culture by the standards of ones own culture

CULTURAL RELATIVISM judging a culture by its own standards GLOBAL CULTURE Three key factors: Global economy the flow of goods Global communications the flow of

information Global migration the flow of people THREE LIMITATIONS: Global culture more advanced in some parts of the world than others

Affordability Many people cannot afford to participate in the material aspects of a global culture Various meanings Different people attribute different meanings to various aspects of the global culture

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