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Cancers of the Eye LA 2 (a) Group Report Vicki Brady April Marchbanks Sally Miller Rexann Johnson Cancers of the Eye

Intraocular or Uveal Melanoma common eye cancer that starts in the iris, the cells in the eye that produce pigment Intraocular Lymphoma - rare type of eye cancer that usually starts in the

choroid, most often occurring in the elderly or people with compromised immune systems Cancers of the Eye Adnexal and Orbital Cancers cancers that begins in the skin, muscle, or nerve tissues of the eye

Retinoblastoma a tumor form of cancer of the eye, occurring in children, originating from the retina Case Study

Mark Edwards: Age 50 Type of Cancer: Intraocular Melanoma How Discovered: He went to the doctor when vision field loss occurred.

Treatments: Radiation Plak Therapy TTT (Transpupilary Thermal Therapy) Functional Implications: Mark has neartotal vision loss in one eye at this time. He expects more difficulties when the eye will likely need to be removed. Mark Edwards Eye with Intraocular Melanoma How Intraocular or Uveal Melanoma

is Acquired Intraocular Melanoma is most often found in people with light skin, hair, and eye color, and in people exposed to excess sunlight and/or chemicals. It is normally diagnosed in people between the ages of 55 and 62. Smaller tumors are usually treated

with radiation, while larger tumors often require enucleation (eye removal). Intraocular Melanoma How Intraocular Lymphoma is Acquired

Intraocular Lymphoma is cancer that begins in a type of immune cell, called a lymphocyte, that is present in the eye. This cancer usually affects the choroid of the eye. This type of cancer is rare, and usually occurs in the elderly or in people with compromised immune systems, such as those with AIDS.

Intraocular Lymphoma How Adnexal and Orbital Cancers are Acquired The orbit and adnexal, or accessory, structures of the eye, are made up of skin, muscle, and nerve tissues. The eyelid is one example of where the

cancer can occur. When cancer begins in the cells of these structures, they are much like cancers that affect the skin, nerve, or muscles in other parts of the body. Adnexal or Orbital Cancer How Retinoblastoma is Acquired

Retinoblastoma usually develops in early childhood, normally before the age of 5. This cancer develops in the retina. In most children, the cancer only affects one eye. In one out of three children, it develops in both eyes. This type of cancer develops due to a gene mutation in the RBI gene, a gene which normally regulates cell growth to

keep cells from dividing too quickly. Retinoblastoma This cancer is often curable if diagnosed early. Otherwise, it usually spreads throughout the body, causing other types of cancer, which are

sometimes life-threatening. Parts of the Eye Affected by Cancer Depending on the type of cancer, different parts of the eye, skin around the eye, and nerves attached to the eye, are affected. The most common type of eye

cancer in children, retinoblastoma, occurs in the retina of the eye. Cancer Survivor Being Fitted for Artificial Eye Treatments of Eye Cancers Traditional cancer treatments methods are used to combat eye cancers. When the cancers are found

in the eye and other parts of the body, all areas are treated. Most Common Treatments: Radiation Therapy ( intense x-rays or gamma rays) Chemotherapy (use of drugs) TTT (Transpupilary Thermal Therapy) Enucleation (removal of one or both eyes) Cryotherapy (freezing cells) Photocoagulation (using lasers to destroy blood

vessels) Surgery (removal of tumor and surrounding Functional Implications of Eye Cancer If the cancer causes loss of sight in one or both eyes, the patient will need services just like any other person who is visually

impaired. The services will vary, due to the amount of sight lost due to cancer. Some people with eye cancer will have to adjust their school and work minimally, while others will need to make major adjustments. The functional implications will be based on the amount of vision loss. Our Favorite Resource

A wonderful coloring book is available that was written by a parent whose child had retinoblastoma. It is written age-appropriately and tells a cute story about a sibling whose brother lost his eye to retinoblastoma. It is available for free download on the site. It is called

Joeys Special Eye. A Page From the Coloring Book: Joeys Special Eye Resources and References for Further Information on Cancers of the Eye Dr. Leah, D. P. D. (2010, April 04). What are the different types of eye cancer? read more: American Cancer Society. (2013, 01 18). What is eye cancer?. Retrieved

from Lymphoma Info. (2013). What is lymphoma?. Retrieved from The Eye Cancer Foundation. (2013). Conditions and treatments. Retrieved from Cancer Index. (2013, July 09). Eye cancer. Retrieved from

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