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Animal Behavior In Review Nature versus Nurture Behavior action that can be observed and described. Genetic influence Lovebirds, snakes, snails and human experiments Nervous and endocrine systems are both

responsible for the coordination of body systems Studies support the idea that certain types of behavior have genetic basis Nature versus Nurture Environmental influences (nurture) Learning: durable change in behavior brought about by experience. Laughing gull chicks pecking behavior

Imprinting- sensitive period Associative learning change in behavior that involves an association between two events Song learning with white crowned sparrows Classical conditioning - Pavlov, 2 types of stimulus Operant conditioning Skinner, stimulus/response

Insight, imitation, and habituation Adaptive mating behavior Sexual selection adaptive changes to secure a mate Fitness ability to produce offspring Female choice based on genes and survival or investment for offspring? Male competition Cost (competition) benefit (mating) analyses

This all applies to Humans too! Sociobiology and animal behavior Living in groups has a great reproductive benefit than cost Ad: Avoid predators, rear offspring, find food Disad: access to food, shelter, sickness

Altruism Altruism behavior that has potential to decrease reproductive success of altruist to benefit the reproductive success of another. Inclusive fitness personal reproductive success and reproductive success of relatives Reciprocal altruism making a minimal short term reproductive sacrifice in order to maximize future reproductive potential

Communication Action by a sender that may influence the behavior of a receiver. Chemical pheromones, anytime of day Auditory fast, night or day, can be modified (length, pitch) Language Visual restricted to daytime Tactile grooming, waggle dance of bees

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