AGENDA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

An Introduction for Contracting Professionals GOVERNANCE o Federal Acquisition System Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Department of Commerce Acquisition Regulation (CAR) o Commerce Acquisition Manual (CAM) o NOAA Acquisition Manual (NAM) o 2 Five YR Ordering Period* YEAR BASE

with 1-YEAR OPTIONS $3 B ceiling *Contracting vehicles supporting the Enterprise Operations Domain will have own specific ordering period Strategic Sourcing Initiative Multiple-award indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts, multiple award and single award

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and other contract types MANDATORY for use by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Line and Staff Offices OPTIONAL use by other Department of Commerce (DOC) Bureaus 3 PROTECH SCOPE Contractors under ProTech shall furnish the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, travel, and other services required to satisfy task order requirements in the general areas of: STUDIES, ANALYSES AND


FUNCTIONS (FAR7.503(a)) IT SERVICES (NOAALink) ARCHITECT & ENGINEERING (A&E) LEGAL SERVICES 5 PROTECH LABOR CATEGORIES Bona-fide executive and/or administrative professional categories o Exempt from the Service Contract Act (SCA) Department of Labors Directory of Occupations for SCA

o Ancillary support categories allowable 6 AUTHORIZED USERS NOAA Line and Staff offices Other Department of Commerce Bureaus Not Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) Decentralized for ordering purposes 7 LIMITATIONS Contractors are not obligated to honor

MINIMUM ORDER: Simplified Acquisition Threshold ($150K) + MAXIMUM ORDER: Any order for a single item in excess of $50,000,000; Any order for a combination of items in excess of $50,000,000 8 Fee includes access to the ProTech suite of contracts and PMO services as required o o o

o o o o o o o o o o PROTECH FEE FOR SERVICE Prime Contract Management Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) Review/Edit SOW/PWS/SOO packages Review request package to establish an RFP

Coordinate COR technical review of proposals Prepare proposal packages for COR/source selection review Award Validate funds to support requirements Award Task Order Establish Task Order Kick-Off Meeting Establish post award log Provide 90-120 day reminders for options/follow-ons, as needed Evaluate Contractors performance via Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Conduct contract management functions for all mods (i.e., Can include, POP extensions, additional scope of work, reduced scope of work, adjustment of funds, administrative) 9

PROTECH FEE FOR SERVICE Fee includes access to the ProTech suite of contracts, to include the following ancillary services as required: o The ProTech fee will be recovered through the regular PR obligation process in C.Suite o Clients shall ensure that the appropriate ProTech object class code (26-03) appears in the PR line of accounting o The system will automatically calculate and attribute the fee to the proper account at obligation o The amount on the resulting PR will not reflect the fee, so make sure your accounts contain sufficient

funds. Lack of funds will halt TO award. 10 SMALL BUSINESS RESERVE Contracting Officers may, at their discretion Using full and open competition, reserve one or more contract awards for any of the small business concerns Set aside part or parts of a multiple-award contract for any of the small business concerns Set aside orders placed under multiple-award contracts for any of the small business concerns 11

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES ProTech Domain Administrativ eContracting Officer (CO) Domain Contract Level Overall responsibility for the administration of the ProTech contracts Only authorized individual to take actions on behalf of the Government to amend, modify, or deviate from the contract ProTech Program Management Office (PMO) Assist the Requiring Activity with the, development of the SOW/PWS/SOO

and IGCE Development and/or adequacy determination of proposal evaluation factors ProTech Branch Chief & Program Manager (PM) Manage the domain contracting officers and overall program office functions 12 ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Domain Account Manager / Domain Level

Contracting Officers Representativ e (COR) TO Contracting Officer TO COR ProTech Domain Contract Level Represent the CO in the administration of technical details within the scope of the ProTech contracts as defined in the COR Appointment and Designation Letter; Ensure final inspection and acceptance of all ProTech contract level deliverables and reports and other responsibilities; and Complete the prime contractor performance evaluations using the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) or another approved

agency-specific contractor performance rating system with respect to each IDIQ contract. Task Order Level (TO CO) Determine/Select the appropriate Domain IDIQ contract for the requirement Issue task orders in accordance with ProTech ordering procedures Task Order Level (TO COR) Day-to-day monitoring of performance under a specific task order Conduct all delegated TO administration activities 13 ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES NOAA AGO Ombudsman Prime Contractor Holders Program Manager

Review contractor complaints Ensure that all contractors are afforded a fair opportunity Central POC with the Government for all program-wide technical matters Resolution of all technical issues, program management, and other contract support 14 REQUIREMENTS & ORDERING PROCEDURES ACQUISITION PLANNING PERFORMANCEBASED WORK STATEMENTS

(PWS) PREFERRED TASK ORDER TYPE FUNDING FAIR OPPORTUNITY 15 TASK ORDER ORDERING PROCEDURES 1 Contracting Officer will determine relevant domain. A task order shall be created in one 2 domain only. Contracting Officer will determine if the fair opportunity will be limited to socio-economic

3 reserve or open to all firms. Contracting Officer may use solicitation precursor to determine capabilities available from all 4 firms within the domain. Only firms awarded a contract under the relevant domain will be allowed fair opportunity to be considered for task orders under that domain. 16 PROTECH TASK ORDER PROCESSING 1 2 TRADITIONAL MULTIPHASE FAIR OPPORTUNITY

17 PROTECH HIGH-LEVEL CONTRACT PROCEDURES 1. Request For Task Order Proposal 2. Task Order Solicitation Preparation 3. Issuance Of The Request For Task 4. Evaluation 5. Task Order Award 6. Notification To Unsuccessful Offeror(s) Development

Order Proposals 18 REQUEST FOR TASK ORDER PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT 1 At a minimum the Program Office will provide: o Appropriate Work Statement(s) (SOO/SOW/PWS) o Performance location of the work o Period of performance/deliverable schedule o Applicable performance standards o Any special regulations, including applicable Section 508 requirements or exceptions o An Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) o Contractor evaluation criteria and evaluation plan

o Funded purchase request (PR) must cite ProTech object code 26-03 19 TASK ORDER SOLICITATION PREPARATION 2 TO CO o Reviews the Request o Determines the application of any Fair Opportunity Exception, including SB Set-Aside o Determine the task order proposal request process approach Traditional Process Multiphase Process o Prepares a Task Order Solicitation 20 ISSUANCE OF THE REQUEST FOR

TASK ORDER PROPOSALS 3 TO CO issues the request for TO proposals to the contract holders Request shall include, at a minimum: o TO identifier number and date of proposal request o Identification of Domain customer o Work statement (i.e., SOW, SOO, or PWS) o Identification of anticipated ordering process traditional or multiphase o Task order type and proposal due date o NOAA (contracting officer/specialist) point-of-contact information o Instructions for submission of the technical and cost/price proposal o Criteria/basis for award. 21 EVALUATION

4 The TO CO receives the offers in accordance with the request for offers. Technical and cost/price evaluations are conducted by the Government technical evaluation team designated according to the written evaluation plan as required. The TO CO will lead in any exchanges for the Government side, if needed. The TO CO, in coordination with the TO COR, shall prepare a completed award recommendation package 22 TASK ORDER AWARD 5 The TO CO awards the task order

A copy of the award and any subsequent modifications shall be forwarded to [email protected] 23 NOTIFICATION TO UNSUCCESSFUL OFFEROR(S) 6 After award, the TO CO shall issue notification, via email, to those offerors who did not receive the award If requested by the offeror, the TO CO should discuss with them the reasons for their non-selection. The TO CO may only discuss the reasons for nonselection. The TO CO may not discuss other contract holders proposals, compare contract holders proposals, or allow a non-selected contract holder access to the award decision documentation. For orders placed over $5.5 million, the Contracting Officer shall offer

debriefings in accordance with FAR 15.506. 24 ADMINISTRATION Progress Reports Progress Meetings Evaluation Of Contractor Performance Authorization Of Government Paid Travel Quick-Closeout Procedure - FAR 42.708 25 For additional questions contact [email protected] For POC information visit

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